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At Kinder Lounge we engage children from all four levels of Early childhood Education program in activities that specifically addresses educational needs for the developmental years of your child.

What makes us special :

Kinder Lounge values the uniqueness of each child as a gift and opportunity to respect, nurture and celebrate. So it is essential to let the child remain a child and help them progress by facilitating rather than teaching. This scientific curriculum is themed around the areas of interest to the children. The key Areas Of Learning are Language, math, science, motor skills, moral skills, social skills and creative expression. The core curriculum is packed with relevant exciting activities to fulfill the learning objectives.

Effective Lesson Plans:

Each and every unit packed with well documented, time tested activities

  • To provide right stimulation to develop the childs language, math and cognitive intelligences.
  • To develop the ability to work on their own and in a team.
  • To let the children express oneself freely, thus developing their own identity.
  • To maintain a fine balance between imparting education and developing character.


PLAYGROUP: Pre nursery program : 1.6 years to 2.5 years

PRE-KG: Nursery program : 2.6 years to 3.5 years

KG1: Junior Kindergarten program : 3.6 years to 4.5 years

KG2: Senior Kindergarten program : 4.6 years to 5.5 years

Curriculum Activities

Enhances on activity based methodology along with

  • Dance
  • Yoga
  • Speech & Drama
  • Karate
  • Interactive Smart Board
  • Flash Cards & Mapping
  • Reading Program

Child Care Services :

Kinder lounge provides activity based, flexible hours of child care services to children from 1 year and above.

Activity Centre :

Kinder Lounge conducts enrichment programs for pre teen and adolescents which complements regular learning, accelerates the ability to socialise and stimulate whole brain capabilities of intellect and artistic talents.

Partnering InParenting Education program :

We also conduct PIPE programs. A fully facilitated Partnering with Parents programme is made up of three 1.5 hour workshops that involve.

  • The identification of parental issues.
  • Opportunity for professionals listening to parents and vice versa  to parental issues.
  • The development of plans to strengthen and maintain the relationships among teachers, students and parents.
  • Parenting education and support as needed to develop a positive relationship with children That will build a firm foundation for happy future.



Focuses on the holistic development of every child by integrating different methodologies like.

  • ACTIVITY BASED METHOD thus enabling your child to expand his or her experiences and prepares him or her to enter the formal school.



  • Positive approach.
  • Confidence in themselves and their ability to do things and valuing their own achievements.
  • Their ability to make friends.
  • Their awareness of and being able to keep up to the rules , which will help us to look after ourselves, people & environment.
  • Look after their personal hygiene needs.
  • To share & value others.


  • Conversation skills with other person, in small groups & in large groups to talk and listen to others.
  • Their vocabulary by learning the meaning of - and being able to use - new words.
  • Their ability to use words to describe their experiences.
  • Their knowledge of sounds and use the letters.
  • Knowledge of how to handle the books.
  • Knowledge of purpose of writing.
  • Make their own attempts at writing.


  • Understanding the ideas of how much, many, how far and how big.
  • Understanding about patterns, the shape of objects, and parts of objects and the amount of space taken by the objects.
  • Understanding the numbers.
  • Understanding the idea of counting.
  • Early ideas about the result of adding more or taking away from the amount we already have.

SCIENCE & GENERAL KNOWLEDGE - enriches children :

  • Knowledge about the environment.
  • Their learning about how to choose and use the right tool for a task.
  • Their skills on how to put together ideas of past & present.
  • Learning about culture.

PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT - inculcate in children :

  • heir understanding about the importance of how to look after their bodies.
  • Increasing control over small movements they can make with their arms, wrists and hands, so that they can pick up and use the objects, materials & tools.
  • Increasing control over large movements they can make with their arms, legs, bodies, so that they can run, jump, hop, skip, roll, climb, balance & fit.

CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT - develops children in :

Use of paints, music, dance, words, stories and role play to express their feelings & ideas