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As you aware, your child is switching from Pre-School program to the Primary School programs of Kindergarten, it is very much essential to have curriculum  that should ensure the appropriate approaches of academic activities to provide stress free, child centered and holistic education to all children without compromising on quality.


At this stage, children harbour a fascination with the animal world, an attraction to rhyme, rhythm and song and use a great deal of muscle activity and coordination.


The child is guided in preparatory foundation skills of ‘how to learn’. Group participation and self-regulation are hallmarks of this phase.Since this phase is a period of vocabulary explosion, a lot of reading and conversing will occur.


Group-based interactions, besides individual learning, are emphasised in this phase. Transitions are smooth with self-regulation and logical adaptation to common situations.This is the age to establish skills of writing and how to create words with letter sounds.

Day Care

We care of children especially as a lovable Service per Parents requirement , while you (Parents) are at your working place or away from your home.

Play Group

This is the child’s first step towards social engagement in small groups. The focus will be on helping the child take initiatives, driven by their own instincts.

After School Activities

This option is chosen when your child needs exposure to extra curricular activities and care post the normal school hours.We usually offer 5 to 6 different activities like Drawing & Painting, Art & Craft, Western Music, Western Dance, Spanish as a foreign language