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The two decades that have bridged the two millennia (1990 to 2010), are milestones in the short history of India, the young republic. These years have witnessed rapid globalisation, reach of technology to a wider cross section of the society, a noticeable increase in the affluence of a big segment of the population etc.,

It is the nation’s dream and aspiration that this growth and socio-economic development should sustain and stay irreversible. A noble dream for this to become a reality, however, the nation needs to promote, at the same time, high levels of intellectual and cultural attainments of its people. The history of human civilisation teaches us that nations become and stay eminent when development happens in all spheres.

In brief, Bharat, the nation which has a longer history than India, the republic needs, at this crucial moment of our development, a population that is intellectually active and culturally sensitive.

Baala Gurukulam® is committed to playing a facilitating role in this development. Its mission is to expose and sensitise today’s children and youth to various forms of fine and performing arts, help them sharpen their intellect through various well designed and accredited programmes and ensure that every child and every youth experiences development of all faculties simultaneously and without one facet of their personality growing at the cost of another.

A staunch believer in whole brain development and wholesome education, Baala Gurukulam® offers a gamut of courses for intellectual and cultural development.


  • Facilitator : Child ratio as per global standards
  • Child friendly and safe learning environment
  • Fun filled activity zones
  • Moulding the child into a complete personality
  • Age appropriate activities for children
  • Nurturing creativity
  • Build on emotional intelligence
  • Cultivate Socializing skill
  • Hone language skills
  • Inculcate an eye for detailing
  • Transport on demand
  • Regular health check-ups


  • Flexible hours of care from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm
  • CC TV monitored environment
  • Temperature controlled sanitized holding areas
  • Kitchen and food hygiene of high standard
  • Nutrition program specially designed by renowned nutritionist
  • Sanitized dry restrooms